Design Consultation Session

This service provides a budget-conscious way towards developing or improving a new or existing interior setting. 

It consists of a meeting on the site that is to be renovated/redesigned/reorganised, in which there will be a discussion about the best way to highlight the beauty of the space and how to make it as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The observations and proposals will take into consideration the needs of the client and also the context in which the project resides, meaning the location, the proportions and dimensions of the space, the level of light that reaches it and the materials and textures already present there.

The talk will be based on samples of colors, materials and textures that will be brought on location and, if needed, there will be measurements made on the spot.

Interior Design Project

Whether we're talking about residential, office, commercial or hospitality spaces, the best way to create a place beautifully tailored to the client's wishes is through a complete interior design project.

The development of such a project starts with a questionnaire through which the client expresses their aesthetic preferences, needs and requirements. Based on this form, a creative process begins at the end of which the interior design proposal emerges.

The project consists of an integrated solution which offers all the technical drawings required to implement the proposal on site, mood-boards to communicate the overall feeling of the space and how it relates to the textures, materials and colors used, 3D renderings to help the client envision the space and a shopping list with recommendations of finishes, furniture, lighting fixtures, sanitary items, decoration and more.